Monday, September 6, 2010

Right to it

Ok Ok Ok so I am on vacation and kinda busy. I didn't have anytime this morning to post things I learned this weekend.

Here it is...things I learned this weekend:

1. Dunkin Donuts is going ape shit crazy with their cider, apple pies and everything fucking pumpkin. I have had the pumpkin iced coffee(not by choice) it sucks and the apple pies blah!
2. When Smiddy wears a dress he brings it

3. Fantasy football draft day is like a secret holiday.
4. I am not a good painter at all.
5. Using a wet saw is the balls.
6. This summer went by way too fast.
7. Now I may not be a good painter but tiling may be for me:

(that was all brick)
8. I forgot how good the Funky Fanabala is at Mary Lou's News.
9. Iggles is a painting maniac. Supah P is a professional.
10. Rob and Jeffrey could do part time carpentry work on the side if they wanted too.
11. Hurricane Earl was a big old pussy.

If anyone is around and wants to paint, do I have the walls for you.

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