Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Darts Update Week 3

After 2 terrible weeks of losing matches 8-3, we really needed a good showing this week to avoid falling so far back that the playoffs would be out of the question. Supah P showed up clean shaven and ready to play. CBV flew back from Cali sporting a new ring on his left hand. Derek found a whole new game and is looking like an all star and Jeb decided to get in the mix. This along with Mark, me and the rest of the boys should have been good enough for a 9-2 win. Well, I guess the team is going to take baby steps as opposed to giant leaps to get back in the playoff picture. MIA this week was Kodiak who was in NY getting busy with the bitches and Jeffrey who has been recently spotted on milk cartons.
Although this was not one of our best performances in darts, it was definitely one of the best nights for music in the history of Peggy O'Neills thanks to Derek "Mike FM" Whitley. Over 90 songs were played and "P" and I could only complain about 1 song each. Well done sir!
We even found a new theme song -

Anyway, the results of the match are as follows:
601's = split the 2 games to go 1-1
Cricket = Took 2 out of 3 to go 3-2
301's = split the 3 games to win the match 6-5

Next week we take on the team from Ups and Downs (The Pony Room) so if you are out looking for a beer and a few laughs stop on by and if you end up slumming it in Peggy's and see Leslie congratulate her for the big win in Keno skins. She probably made more money in skins thanks to DW, P, Chuck and me than she did in tips for the night. At least she did the right thing and bought us a few shots.

I know a few of Mr. Booze's fans actually look forward to my Tuesday night recaps and I am Sorry for taking the week off last week. I was in NY for a once in a lifetime golf trip with some great friends on an awesome course. I know this post is average at best, but I am saving a gem for next week. I had to mail something out as a surprise so I can't reveal it until I know it reached it's destination...stay tuned!

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