Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Darts Update Week 4

Tonight we played at everyone's second favorite late night bar Ups and Downs. To explain the tease in last blog here is the photo that I promised:

After struggling to field a full team in each of the first 3 weeks, we thought it was necessary to guilt people into showing up. The letter above was sent to the lovely Sarah from Hull to see if we could get Jeff involved. Well guess what, it worked! Tonight we had a great showing with all 9 roster players and several guests making the show. The comment of the night came from MW who called it "Date Night".

CBV brought his new wife:

KB and I invited a few buddies to support the squad:

And it all seemed to work as we won the match 7-4 against a very good team.

The breakdown was:
Split the 2 601's to start out 1-1
Lost 2 of 3 cricket matches to fall to 2-3
Rallied in the end to take 5 of 6 single 301's to finish 7-4.

T Bright looked like he was trying to challenge Kodiak's bid for rookie of the year by winning both of his games tonight. Bid but the kid matched the performance with his own 2-0 night to keep himself in the lead. Good competition is what it is all about and it's great to see the newbies stepping it up! Although we still have a big hill to climb to get back into the hunt, we are showing great improvement and have always been a solid second half team. Next week we are playing at home taking on the team from the 12Benz. DW will have a very difficult time matching last week's DJ gig so come on down and enjoy the show.


Anonymous said...

lovely sarah? you wrote this girl a letter to free up her boyfriend on a tuesday night? controlling may be a better word

Anonymous said...

one of the best. every week i read for the dart update.....not sure what you are the prez of but keep up the good work prez!!!