Thursday, September 16, 2010

ADSL SEASON 5 – Weekly Review/Preview

Well, well, well…..there’s a new sheriff in town bitches and the sooner you accept it the sooner you will realize we are all just playing for 2nd place this year. And that new sheriff is Unmarked Bills (aka Smids, Smidawgs, The Smiduation, or my personal favorite Smelchie). After finishing 8th, 9th, and 10th place the last 3 years Unmarked Bills came out and posted 178 points in week 1. 178 points!!!! I don’t have the time to research it but is that the highest week we have ever had? Has to be in the top 5 right? Well done BILLS!

Unfortunately this raises some questions? Who is responsible for this dramatic turn around? Is it the new GM? Does this show that two brains are better than 1 (even if the two brains are Smids and Welchie’s)? Does it prove that the sun actually does shine on a dogs ass sometimes? I’ll let you guys decide…

Alright lets get on with this….I’m being positive and leaving the negativity at the side of the road. So what do you guys do to pay me back for not bringing negative energy to this blog? This is what you do……

Matt Schaub: 107 passing yards, 1 passing TD, -3 rushing yards, 8 fantasy points
Michael Turner: 42 rushing yards, 7 receiving yards, 4.5 fantasy points
Andre Johnson: 33 receiving yards, 3 receptions, 4.5 fantasy points
Mike Sims-Walker: 0 receiving yards, 0 receptions, 0 fantasy points
And it just kept going, and going, and going……Barber (4 fantasy points), Bowe (1.5 fantasy points), Greene (0.5 fantasy points), etc……

OK….I get it. You guys are just testing me to see if I’ll return to my old negative self. Well it’s not going to happen I can spin this crap around and make a positive out of it.

Michael Turner. So what if Turner laid an egg…it happens sometimes. Just because Turner was Sflabo’s first round pick doesn’t mean he’s supposed to put up big fantasy points consistently every week. You guys place way too much importance on first round picks. No worries FLABO….Turner has Arizona next week he should rebound nicely. At least I hope he does for your sake or you may want to start shopping for dresses.

Matt Schaub: I feel your pain Skza’s Soldiers….but look on the bright side. The Schauber did an excellent job of handing the ball off to Arian Foster all day long. People think it’s easy to turn around and hold the ball out so the RB can take it, but it takes some real skill to pull that off. My preseason rankings had Schaub as one of the best in the business at this skill set.

Andre Johnson: He was open all game long, and he led the team in receptions and receiving yards. What else can you ask for? And all the double and triple teams Johnson saw opened up the field for the running game….now if that’s not a high character, team comes first player I don’t know what is. I respect FU's decision to build his team around high character guys like Johnson. Character is certainly more important than fantasy points.

Mike Sims-Walker: hmmmmm, tough one…..since he was only targeted twice he should be real rested for next weeks game. It’s a long and grueling season so Sims-Walker is pacing himself. I mean he can’t go all out in week 1 and expect to be fresh for the end of the season.


Steve Breaston: 132 receiving yards, 7 receptions, 21.5 fantasy points
Patriots Defense: 2 DTD, 1 INT, 1 DFR, 1 Sack, 21 fantasy points
Jay Cutler: 372 passing yards, 2 passing TD, 30 fantasy points
Hakeem Nicks: 75 receiving yards, 3 TD, 4 receptions, 27 fantasy points
Wes Welker: 64 receiving yards, 2 TD, 8 receptions, 22 fantasy points
Josh Freeman: 182 passing yards, 2 TD, 20 fantasy points
Giants Defense: 3 INT, 2 DFR, 4 sacks, 20 fantasy points
Sadly they were all on the freaking BENCH!

Randy Moss: 13th overall pick….7.5 fantasy points
Calvin Johnson: 14th overall pick….6 fantasy points
Ray Rice: 6th overall pick….6 fantasy points
Frank Gore: 5th overall pick….10 fantasy points
Drew Brees: 2nd overall pick….15 fantasy points
Steven Jackson: 11th overall pick….10 fantasy points
Adrian Peterson: 3rd overall pick….10.5 fantasy points
SFLABO’s starters….ughhhhhhh

Man it’s only week 2 and there are already tough decisions that need to be made by some GM’s.

Who you got BOBBY BROWNS? McCoy or Thomas? McCoy has a good match-up against Detroit and Thomas is going up against a tough run defense with San Fran. Just remember trash time points count the same as first quarter points

How about you BUMS… violated rule#1 in waiver wire pick ups. If you pick up a player on Saturday or Sunday then you have to play him. You failed to do so and you paid the price… gonna tempt fate again this week?

Are the DEVILS gonna take Cadillac out for a spin this weekend or play Best going up against the Philly D who lost their run stopping middle linebacker?

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