Monday, September 27, 2010


This weekend flew by. Now I have all week to get one house all set up for me to move into and the other house all set up for me to move out of. Talk about no time. On a side note Katie banged out all the wedding invites and they are all out so that is off the plate.

Let see what I learned this weekend:
1. Russian roulette with spicy meatballs is no joke:

2. Putting up crown molding is a bitch.
3. Ladies do not like when you joke about their age. I thought 40 was the new 30? Guess not.
4. Tyler Seguin is legit.
5. Ninja Assassins is a good kung-fu movie
6. Dealing with Comcast sucks dick.
7. DJ's is now called Northstar. Looks the same as the old DJs but with white paint.
8. Hanging a door is not as hard as it looks, as long as its prehung.
9. There is nothing quite like seeing a "lady" shaving her face on the street corner - while she waits for a client(If you know what Im saying).
10. The key to a good paint job is a lot of weed or a good buzz(NOT BOTH AT THE SAME TIME).
11. Puck sluts don't care if its preseason or not they are in mid season form. Kudos puck sluts.
12. Niagara Falls is the honeymoon capital of the world, How the fuck can that be?

If anyone wants to help move this Saturday. Let me know. I will supply the beers and the pizza!

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