Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Darts Week 1

The "Repeat Offenders - DTF" are back for another run at the MMDL state title and we had our 1st match last night. This was not a good start to the year when only 4 of the roster players thought it was important enough to make opening day! Also, we played against one of the historically better teams and being short handed proved to be to much of a hill to climb. On the bright side, we already have a candidate for Rookie of the Year. Straight from South Bend, Notre Dame's finest Kodiak Killer, Kelvin Barrister played very well. He was an instrumental part of 1 of the 3 wins that we were able to muster. We expect good things from this guy.
Now for the match details:
We lost the 2 - 601's, Won the middle cricket game and lost the first and third to go down 4-1.
We were looking like we might make a good comeback when we won the 1st singles, but we were only able to take 1 of the next 5 - 301 matches to fall 8-3.
The good news it we have 13 more weeks to dig ourselves out of the week 1 hole, and I am confident that with a full squad, we can compete with any team in this league. Next week we are playing at the Centre Bar so if you are out looking for some fun and laughs, please feel free to drop by.
Special note the the NO-SHOWS...Come on people if you sign up show up!!! If I had pictures of you, I would have posted them as well.

As we get deeper in the season the posts and the players should get better but we are all still shaking off the rust.


Wanted Guys Fiancee said...

The Wanted guy cant play darts anymore. He is to busy picking flowers for our wedding

man among blogs said...

name names!! this blog pulls no punches. who didnt show! we deserve answers or this blog is mush