Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 10 Darts update

We started week 10 in 2nd place still 10 points out of 1st place. The team we played tonight was a pretty good team and is currently in 6th place.
We started the match by splitting the 601's 1-1
We then got swept in cricket (cowardly opponents pointed the shit out of us) 0-3
Closed the match winning 5 of the 6 singles match 5-1
Overall win of 6-5 which should keep us in the top 3 or 4 in our division.
It's like we are the Bruins. Not playing well, but just good enough to stay in the playoff chase.

There were many greats Quotes and here are a few including some very late entries:
We are playing those F'n chair throwers.
I ain't your brother.
Your black and he's Chinese so there is nothing going on here.
Beware of the moose in Baxter St. Park.
Those thing are huge and they stink like shit.
She smells like a French whore...like a good French whore.
Is his old lady going to make the blog tonight?
Some random black dude outside Peggy's just asked me for a condom.

Now for some positive feedback:
Jeff showed his loyalty by leaving a tied Sox / Yankees game in the 5th to drink with the boys. The beats were way above average and no downloads were required, and we beat the shit out of the suck which started with $57 carry over from last week and ended with less than $15.

I hope to see you all next week as we enter the last quarter of the season playing an away match at the Centre bar.

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