Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Here is Chrissy's review of Chipotle

Well the Chipotle restaurant near my work finally opened up last friday but ofcourse i dont work on fridays so i had to wait until monday to try it. i have mixed feelings about this place. i was so excited about having something new in the area to try and break up the same old food routine week in and week out. but i think i put my expectations to high. i read up a little on what this place was all about and i guess i just pictured something totally different. the menu was small, VERY small. burritos and tacos either in tortillas, bowls, or on a salad. they had chicken, steak, shredded beef, shredded pork, and a vegetarian. i went with the chicken. now here was my only problem. i read that this place had "lots of fresh ingredients" well i had a choice of rice, two kinds of beans, sour cream, guacamole, sauted peppers & onions, lettuce, cheese, and three different kinds of salsa. so basically i had a choice of 8 things to add to my burrito. i was expecting some more vegetables to choose from. especially a jalapeno or some kind of hott pepper since your place is called Chipotle? well im not a fan of onions or guacamole but i put everything else in it. the guac did look freshly made and it looked good if you are a fan. i was completely satisfied with the size of my burrito. they stuffed it and even had to wrap it with a second tortilla cuz it was breaking from being over stuffed. i do have to say that the hott salsa did have a good kick to it. that was a bonus i was not expecting. over all i would give it a solid 8 out of 10


Julie said...

LOVE Chipotle...the chips and salsa are great. The bowls are fantastic as well. Hot Salsa definitely has a kick:)
They have wine and beer at the restaurants out here.

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