Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tipsy Tuesdays

I know that I usually post things I learned this weekend on Mondays. But when I take the day off, or extending my weekend by one more day, that means the shit gets posted on Tuesdays. I know it can be frustrating but I refuse to turn my home computer on when I wake up hungover from the Red Sox game. Deal with it.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently you can get anything on the back of a Red Sox Jersey:

2. Neil Diamond singing "Sweet Caroline" in person is kinda crazy.
3. Yankee fans don't wash their hands but they do run them under the Xelerator to dry the piss off.
4. Is this a lazy or genius way to stain your deck:

5. Squares for the Final Four and the Championship game, always make the games more interesting.
6. Every Friday night home Red Sox game WFNX will be giving away tickets to that game at the Baseball Tavern, all year long.
7. Apparently litterbugs DO STILL EXIST! Didn't really know that.
8. Not everyone knows about the catcalls at the FENS - be careful and cautious of the same sex catcalls coming from the brush.
9. The Line for Remys new place was beyond ridiculous.
10. Even the homeless pluck their eyebrows - no one wants to rock a unibrow.
11. Hugh Hefner has a plot picked out and paid for next to Marilyn Munroe.
12. I can't keep up with all these designer dogs - MORKIES - Maltese/Yorkies?
13. How can people take 5 Red Sox Fridge magnets? Do you people have 5 fridges?
14. The seats were ok for the game:

15. It is $4.00 more per ticket for a 3D movie.
16. Just found out about http://www.candobetter.com/ . This is brilliant. I may add it to the side list of websites I visit.

As always I will try to do better with writing and keeping up with the blog. Starting today and every Tuesday from here on out I am going to post the text of the week. A random text that I receive during the week.

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