Monday, April 5, 2010

Auction Item

Alright you cheap bastards it's time to open up the wallet to support a charity that has become very important me over the past few months. To do my part I'm going to put up for auction an authenticate Philadelphia Eagles McNabb jersey.

I'll open the bidding at $50.00. Buyer beware...I cannot confirm authenticity of the jersey.

Oh yeah, I forgot the most important part....what's the charity! Well, I like to call it the Iggles Home Rebuilding Charity and I can guarantee all proceeds will go towards fixing my house.

And for a limited time only the first bidder will receive a framed photo of McNabb puking, signed by none other than McNabb. Again...buyer beware...I cannot confirm the photo is signed, framed, or even if the photo exists.

Let the bidding begin!


Chrisy said...

good to see you come out of hiding deegs! but do you really think kolb will be any better??

d said...

I will big on the Jersey IF the proceeds go towards a Mac5 Skins Jersey!