Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am at a total loss of what to blog about today. Some people think I should post the rumor about the Celtics trading Rondo and Allen to Detroit for Stuckey, Hamilton and Prince. At this time it is just a rumor so I will let it go.

I could write about Mrs.'s Booze upcoming 31st birthday but then again that could be bad for my health. Ladies don't like when you throw out their age...oops!

Ill just post this...
Brunnette vs Blonde!
Sarah Silverman vs Chelsea Handler
Both are raunchy but who is hotter?
Who is funnier?

I am going with Sarah Silverman!!!


doerilla said...

i agree. sarah silverman and brunettes all around! on a more serious note - the rumored possible trade of rondo and allen to detroit better stay a rumor. what about the white oaf, scalabrine. i know no one probably wants his sorry ass, but he's GOT to go. he's useless. that's my useless two cents.

Prez. said...

Neither one of them are hot and they are quite possibly the least funny people on the planet. Why don't you add Kathy Griffin and Ellen DeGeneres to the mix and you would have hit for the cycle! Fuck add rosie O'Donnell and you will be looking at the worst Blog Post Hall of Fame.


oh no you didnt!! is the prez blog even up anymore?

Anonymous said...

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