Monday, June 22, 2009


So yesterday was the first official day of summer? Where the fuck is the sun? All I see if rain, rain and more rain. It is never ending.

Things I learned this weekend:
1. Dogs + beach + salt water = the shits...literally!!
2. Chrissy's garden is growing some nice things:

3. When someone asks for "Narragansett", the proper answer is not "EricHanson" what about him? And I wasn't even drunk.
4. If your son, Jeff Weaver, was pitching against your other son, Jared Weaver, and your ONLY daughter was getting married - where would be? Well Mr. and Mrs. Weaver were at the Dodgers/Angels game...suck that wedding!
5. Chrissy told me "I work part time but I steal full time".
6. Welchie still looking for a new job:

(Law enforcement perhaps?)
7. When you get sponsored by Puma for the US Open - that is your only sponsor. There is no Mastercard, no Oakley, no golf ball companies and no golf club companies on your apparel. Straight Puma homie!
8. This is my newest friend in and around Fenway park:

9. When Chrissy gets it on, doggie style, his Dog likes to sit on his wife's head!
10. Dave is no longer a vegetarian, he has moved onto chicken, turkey and even tried pork(the other white meat).
11. Stubb's BBQ sauces are my new favorite marinades.
12. I am not a fan of NO fat milk.
13. I heard the CageFX fights were good at the Jungleplex.

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