Friday, April 6, 2012

New Posts

So, MikeyT asked me to create a post , Reasons to booze/drink/party/get off your asses for the weekends, so I agreed. I just need to figure out if I should post it regularly on Thursdays (when the real weekend begins for the lushes) or on Friday afternoons? What do you guys think?  Also if you have any suggestions or ideas for reasons to get down on the weekends pass them along on text or email -

I just like lists so I am gonna try a list format. It is all still a work in progress.

1. Obviously there is Easter. Lets get drunk for Jesus, after we polish off our Easter Ham!
2. There is the last Bruins game of the season tomorrow at 4:00pm. Lets raise our glasses to another great season before the playoffs start again.
3. Katies brother, Matt, turned 40 on Thursday so I will be out celebrating that on Saturday night.
4. Im sure there will be Easter egg hunts up the ass this weekend. Maybe someone should have a grown up easter egg hunt but instead of eggs we hunt for nips of booze? See if someone can make this happen next year.
5. Nada Surf is playing tonight at the Paradise Rock club. I know only 1 Nada surf song - Popular.
6. There is the Super Hero/Villian Pub Crawl in Fanuel hall tomorrow at 1:00.
7. There is the Frozen 4 final - Saturday, April 7

Ferris State (26-11-5) vs. No. 1 Boston College (32-10-1), 7 p.m.
We can all root on the BC Eagles.
8. The Red Sox season kicked off yesterday so drink up to the 1st official baseball games that count.

Lets hope this post lasts longer than Chiefdudes GIL2F, Rio's recaps of Sons of Anarchy, Chrissysbetterhalfs Guy of the week, Chrissys Girl of the week and Stylegals celebrity gossip posts.


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