Monday, April 23, 2012

I know I know

I have been slacking with the things I learned. Here is a jumbo sized edition.

Things I've learned the last 2 weeks -
1. People jump off and on the Red Sox band wagon faster than I can change my under wears.
2. Females have 500 more genes than males, and because of this are protected from things like color blindness and hemophilia.
3. Chrissy loves a bargain(Or is always looking for a hook up) more than anyone else I know.
4. Sweet Carolines is a pretty good place to pregame for Sox games.
5. Opening day, Sox playoffs and Marathon Monday is an expensive weekend.
6. You would think that after the Bruins won the Cup that more people would of jumped on the bandwagon but I didn't get any more requests for tickets till the playoffs.
7. Shawn Larry bitches about darts every week but he enjoys every bit of them.
8. Katie is going to attempt to foster a dog for 2 months, apparently the woman who owns the dog needs surgery and someone to take care of him while she is recovering. Ill keep ya posted.
9. The 100 Anniversary celebration at Fenway was crap.
10. I believe Noras cousin hates me.
11. "...fell out of a pedicab is way funnier than fell while stepping out of a pedicab" - just saying.
12. Brian Folan doesn't bounce back like he used too.
13. Being off for 5 days in a row, you miss lots of happenings at work.
14. How sucky is it to mess up trimming your mustache with under 30 days to go to the MPC.
15. MikeyT loves himself some clams casino.
16.  Who would pay $60 to cut a line in Boston? Hey West End Johnnies go fuck ya self.
17. Something to shoot for - The largest amount of text messages sent by a single person in 1 month was 182,689.
18. Asparagus makes your urine attractive to fish. So if you pee in the river after eating it, more fish will gather around you.
19. Supah P is still building his landscaping empire. If you need some work done. Hollah!
20. I'm always surprised that women like Game of Thrones.
21. Matty Kohansky and John Brewer both contacted me this past week. Both are alive and well. I know you were worried. Still no word from Smiddy.
22. People are blaming my lack of Towelman as the reason the B's have lost 2 home games.
23. Iggles still refuses the Twitter but he is slowly coming around.
24. Bib Bob swears by Gorilla glue.
25. I took a shit ton of photos of sporting events the past 2 weeks but my FUCKING CAMERA isn't saving them.
26. Rob Gronkowski has been to the last 6 Bruins games that I have been too.
27. Mike Foley still reads the Quincy Sun and the Patriot Ledger.
28. Supah P is still looking for a house to buy on the South shore.

Its been 2 weekends since I have updated this so I am sure there are a million things that I forgot.

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