Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Darts (Trophy Night edition)

In honor of Tyler Seguin winning the Bruins 7th player award, I have to give the Fan of the Week nod to Chrissy. Not only did he show up before the match started, but he managed to hang in there all night and was even the last one to leave the bar. His heckling skills were in mid season form and he definitely screwed up our team more than the other team but at least it was entertaining. Due to the numerous texts, e-mails and comments complaining about the FOTW, this is the last time I will mention it. Congrats Chrissy, the trophy retires in your hands.

Now on to the matches:

501: Won 2 and 1
I was a little rusty after taking last week off and I pulled my partner Derek down with me to lose the first match.

Shawn & Mark played a close one and outlasted the other team to even things up.

Brighto & Jared won in a blowout. They came within 10 points of shutting them out and it set the tone for the night.

Cricket: Won 2 and 1
Supa P & Jeb had to endure several scoring delays and won their match easily.

Shawn & I started out slow, grinded it out in the middle and turned it up late to grab the victory.

Mark & Jared got involved in a point fest and that usually spells disaster for our team. They made it close by hitting a bunch of corks late but came up short.

301 Won 5 and 1
P took down game 1 easily and jumped out to a big lead in game 2. It was close in the end but he got it done.

Brighto was 1 dart away from a shut out in game 1 but he struggled to find the out dart. He let her back in it and in no time she was 1 dart from a win. Brighto finally took it down just in time. In game 2 they were neck and neck and it was her turn to close it out. In the rubber match he built a slim lead early and came alive in the middle. She fought back and had a shot at the win but Bright was not going to be denied.

Derek kept it close in game 1 but lost to a great throw. In game 2 he had a tough time getting in and barely avoided the shut out. He rallied back and had several chances to win but could not close the deal.

Jeb built a 150 point lead in game 1 and let it get close but hit the out before his opponent had a shot. In game 2, he again got a lead and this time he never looked back.

I played well closing out game 1 from 115 with a trip 19, single 18 & double 20. I lost a close one in game 2 and squeaked out the victory in game 3.

Jared got on fast and built a 150 point lead in the first game. It was close in the end but Jared hit the out. Game 2 was another close game start to finish. He stepped up secured the win.

Jeb sporting the 2 sweater look (yes 1 was a V neck of course) spent more time arguing with his opponent than throwing darts. It might have had something to do with the heckler but who knows. Just like in his cricket game he won the game quickly.

Final Score was a 9-3 WIN and this is just the kind of victory we needed to position us nicely for the second half playoff charge.

‘Til next time bitches,



Former darter said...

So prez doesn't want fans at the games? Pompous fuck.

Anonymous said...

7th player should have gone to Marchand.

Wheres the Handy? said...

I wonder if Foley can see any of the other shit going on in the bar

Chrisy said...

Foley is too busy typing away his blog during the matches but he always leaves out the key details. He didn't let down Derek in the 1st match, he got his ass kicked by a butch lesbian!! That's just the 1st match, I've got plenty more shit he missed.

d said...

the dude blowing up the bathroom??

Anonymous said...

No idea who writes these blogs but every comment says he misses good stuff? Does he attend the games? Don't want to be mean but whats his purpose?

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