Thursday, April 12, 2012

A few good reasons to...

Booze this weekend:

1. The Bruins playoffs start tonight at the Garden. Game 1 vs the Caps. I hope Ovechkin goes home crying.
2. The Boston Beer Summit.
3. Red Sox kick off the home opener and probably one of many 100 year celebrations  on Friday.
4. Bruins playoff game 2 at 3:00 on Saturday.
5. If you are into soccer the NE Revolution are playing the DC United.
6. Sunday it is supposed to be nice so rest up.
7. One of my favorite drinking days of the year - Marathon Monday. Sox game starts at 11:00 am so the beers start at 9.

That's a quick 7 pack of reasons to get ya drank on.

The reason I am posting this today is because my weekend starts at 3:00. If you are around Fenway I'll be at the Baseball Tavern before the game tomorrow and Monday. Saturday I'll be kicking it at the North Star before the Bruins game with MikeyT and Rio (and his mystery guest). As always shots are encouraged, drinks are recommended and beers are a must!

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