Monday, October 17, 2011

This year is cruising

There has been a Shaun Larry sighting. The kid is alive and kicking.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Homeland on Showtime is pretty badass.
2. The first Tonka truck was made in 1947.
3. Don't fuck with Eddie Pinnette.
4. Pumkin carving is fun for the whole family.
5. The chocolate chip cookie was invented in Whitman mass in 1933.
6. Franklin goes in for surgery tomorrow. Good luck Frank!
7. Good times remembering the Harbor Light mall this weekend.
8. Who starts a conversation asking what someone voted for? Kinda rude right?
9. Always funny when someone shows their ass, especially on TV at night.
10. Rumors are a plenty that Gunnah, Phelpsy and Rob will be at this years hockey game.
11. I think whoopie pies are the shit and actually under rated.
12. Margaritas is a cougar haven and the food aint half bad.
13. Its time to switch from iced coffee to regular hot coffee.
14. One of my favorite things about peoples weddings is buying a new tie for my suit.
15. The 11th Annual Harvest Moon Mixer is coming in November.
16. Im in the market for a rug steam cleaner. Anyone have any suggestions?
17. Lots of people texting  me about when the 1st episode of The Chuckie and Chrissys show will be up on the blog. I don't know when those 2 clowns will get back together.
18. Hopefully everything works out for the Skza!

Here is to the nice fall weather, oh and raking up a shit ton of leaves.

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