Friday, October 14, 2011

The Chuckie and Chrissy Show(sung to the itchy ans scratchie show theme)

The 1st official Chuckie and Chrissy show debuted this past Monday at the Garden for the Bs game, then off to the Red Hat for wings and mudslides lastly finishing at Tresca for cougars and a proverbial cherry on the shitshow sundae.

I guess they had a blast. Rumor has it they are trying to make it a once a month get together. They are in the process of getting a HD Flip camera to film their escapades so we can show em here on this blog. The problem they are running into is Chrissy has no money and this project is being only funded by the Chuckie side of the show.

PS Chrissy has puke on his shoes and is trying to get new shoes into the budget.


1st time fan said...

they look the happy couple. Who is the pitcher and who is the catcher?

chrissy said...

I had an awesome time. Can't wait to hang with grillo again. Next time ill bring more money, didn't know it was an all day event with this guy!