Monday, October 10, 2011


Does anyone actually say wowza? HA HA the word makes me laugh. Why am I working on a holiday, oh yeah thats right BECAUSE I LIKE MONEY.

I was going to do a recap of the B's games I attended again this year but I am not sure last years title run could be topped. So I guess, I will do it when I feel like something not on par with the norm  has happened and people need to know about it.

Now onto what I learned while watching the banner being raised:

1. The ceremony to raise the banner was a tad bit long but hell 39 years will do that(I took about 40 pictures but these seem to tell the story the best):

2. Apparently BK has a 2500 calorie burger thats meant to be shared(more on that later).
3.  Rob has a little Ginger Ninja who runs shit!
4. Rio, Big Bob and the family are ripping up Disney as we speak.
5. Mikey T, picked up right where he left off grabbing 2 FanFotos. Over under on nu,ber of fanfotos he gets on the year is set at 23.5.
6. Does this look like a man ready to defend the cup:
7. The Chuckie and Chrissy show starts today at 11am near the Garden and continues until the women and children are put to bed.
8. What could possibly dug this hole in my front yard:
9. The XXX wings at the Fat Cat never stood a chance with Chrissy. He tore them sonofabitches up!
10. I don't know what Mungo likes more free food or free things he cant take home.
11. I had no clue Gunnah moved over to Southie.
12. Who would of known MikeyT would kill the Tune Triva and I would kill the helmet shuffle. Bizzaro world.
13. Hanging with friends takes too damn long to play one game. I am this close || to removing the game.
14. Bulldogs are apparently on the no fly list due to respitory issues.
15.  Robs wife, Katie, thinks that Jeffrey and Sarah are going to have a girl. She is due on October 24th. Anyone want to start a pool for date and sex?
16. Joe Q is a maniac if he bets anything over $20 on a college game.
17. I don;t know if I can keep up with all the roster moves in Fantasy hockey.
18. Windows 7 is very hard to get used to. I don't think I like these changes.
19. Neighborhood politics are not for me. I just want to give a nice wave maybe a smile and be about my business.
20. The Stanley Cup is sexy:

21. Why does everyone try to push children on you just because "you are not getting any younger". Doesn't anyone believe in gods will and when the time is right anymore?
22. Tough loss by the Giants have knocked many of people of emilination pools.

Till next week.

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