Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 14

Well week 14 is in the books!! Its heating up on both ends!! 
This weeks winner was THE REAL STEVE SMITHS! His second straight week with monday night action!! TMX is fond of former nfl announcer John Madden and his quote describing Vincent "Bo" Jackson " he is so fast he doesnt look back, no reason to look back when you're that fast cuz nobody's catching you". Pretty sure team Asparagus hasnt looked back but a few other guys may wanna think about it because teams are closing in on the leaders as well as people in the basement closing in on the dress watch! 
Now on to our last place finisher BBrowns Other kid who finished with 77 points this week the totals are as follows-  Orton MINUS 1; Fred Jackson 11.5; Shady Mccoy 20.5; Austin 5; Wayne 17; Cooley 3; Brown 7; Vikings D 9. 
Miles Austin was the first player TMX called to straighten this situation out. Hey Miles its your friends at TMX and no we arent calling about Kim K its about football "Hey TMX how are you guys whats good?" Nothing just wondering why you are trying to kill BBrowns team, you realize he traded Drew Brees for you right? "hahaha he did what? you're joking? man good one! anyway, how can you expect me to put up numbers when that old goat Kitna cant throw over 10yds?" Thats true but the kid is relying on you to produce how about breaking one on with an end around or something? " Nah dog aint gonna happen, who else did he get for Brees? start him! I gotta go" Eeek well TMX made another call for BBrown to Mr. Drew Brees. 
Hey Drew its TMX whats going on? "nothing just slinging tds to every open reciever I see" Hmmm is there any chance you can throw a couple to Miles Austin? " you got it TMX what numbers he wearing? I make people stars! tell him to get open and whammo td city, I gotta run and throw more tds" Well, I'm not sure if Brees can do it but I'm certainly not counting him out!! There are 3 weeks left plenty of time for movement to the top and to the bottom check the matchups and make sure to get your lineups in and dont get welkered like they wizards did this week!  
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The last couple posts have been missing something. Yes, I remember now. The fact that deegan quit