Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get your canoe ready

Sorry its been a long time coming with things I learned this weekend but I've been under the water...literally. I am sure some of you have seen these pictures but hell they are worth sharing again. This was my street from the blizzard. We got some water coming up through the basement but not nearly as bad as my neighbors.

Ok so onto the things I learned this past week:
1. Sean Mcdonough still kicks it at Bruins games.
2. Alex's in Stoughton is basically a bar that has naked broads walking around - $3.00 draft beers, $5.00 drink specials and $1.00 lap dances.
3. People are excited for the Whitley Post Christmas regift Yankee swap.
4. Sump pumps are a must have for any house by the water.
5. Best Christmas gift a huge smoker from Jeffrey.
6. I can see why people use the stairmaster at the gym. After going up and down the stairs with 5 gallon buckets of water for over 4 hours I feel refreshed.
7. Not everyone was as excited about the $50 dollar gift card yankee swap.
8. The Social Security office is a strange place. Reminded me of the waiting room in Beetlejuice -
9. I find it weird when the bartender at a strip club is a male. Just weird.
10. ..and maybe invest in a generator as well.
11. I will never complain that my wife has a blanket on the bed that is like a lead apron after Mondays fiasco.
12. The biggest 4 month old, and my god daughter/niece Sharon, ever -
13. After everything that happened with/at the house this weekend I feel like Bruce Willis in Die Hard:

"come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs" but all I hear is "Lets buy a house, near the beach, it will be awesome".
14. I will never ever make fun of them nuts who swarm to the supermarket when its going to snow.
15. 48 degrees is cold but even colder when its your house.
16. During a flood/blizzard/storm is  not the best time for me to learn to swim.
17.  Ginger Ale is underrated.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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