Sunday, December 26, 2010

Enjoy the week while thinking of this hottie!

well well well. i have been under a little bit of scrutiny lately. i dont receive any comments on the blog on how i am doing with my posts. i told you people, i am new to this so i would appreciate any help. well i finally got a few texts that i was always missing the "weekend" kick off girl. problem solved, i will now make it a WEEK kick off girl. another text said i got a little lazy with some girls while i set the bar high with miley. well i did go a little extra on her since i am completely in love with her. but point taken, i will bring it with each and every girl i choose. now this was supposed to be done last night but i lost power during the snow storm. i am lucky though. lets all send our thoughts and prayers out to the newly wed couple who is having a little bit of trouble with water. they still have a river for a street. i am sure there will be plenty of pics from derek at a later time.

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