Thursday, December 30, 2010

Put all your chips in the middle

And down the stretch we come!! 
Its week 17 the final week and its still open at the top and bottom spots!! The pressure is on and the waiver wire should be very active as many teams may be resting some of the players that got you to the spot  you are in!! GOOD LUCK!  Week 16s winner was Beach Bums again with 140 pts and he now finds himself in first by 39 points over the devils ASPARAGUS!!!! 
Team Smelchie is hanging on to third as we go to the final week up 50 points. Owner of the Smelchies quoted to TMX "doesnt matter we will finish in the money" at TMX we love the arrogance especially when it looks to be right! MFNMP was making a strong push till he didnt push the right buttons and sat Big Ben and Wallace this week! Its not over as 50pts can be made up so it will be a race to the end. 
Now on to our last place finisher- The Slippery Wizards. The totals are as follows: J Kitna 4; Benjarvis Greeen-Ellis 15.5; R. Jennings 7; Desean Jackson 4; Welker 2.5; Tamme 16.5; Bryant 2; Steelers D 18 for a dismal total of 69.5. TMX  is not a fan of people blaming injuries so Slippery Wizards cant tell us that Maurice Jones-Drew being out was the reason for this but they did lose their starting qb Jon Kitna in the first half of the Christmas Day game so we figured we would start there with what went wrong. Hey Jon its TMX calling on behalf of the Slippery Wizards how's it going? " Hey its going ok for a 38yr old journeyman qb why whats up?" Well you put up 4 points for the Wizards this week do you have any explanation? "Explanation? for a team who's owners called me "Shitna" all season despite putting up 30pts three times and going under 16pts just ONCE? Yeah tell him I got hurt trying to rush for a td and could barely walk yet I still found Witten for a td before I left the game!"Geez Jon you seem bitter. "Tell the owner I dont wanna play for someone who treats his players like that, I didnt suck as bad as Wes Welker why dont you call him!" TMX made repeated calls to Wes Welker but like most of the year he was nowhere to be found. 
TMX did however reach Desean Jackson- Hey DJax its TMX we are calling about the 4 points you put up for the Wizards this week? " yeah, Desean felt that Desean did all Desean could do so if that aint good enough well Desean will try better next year, gotta run and work on a td dance! Wizard for life Desean OUT" Well there you have it! A tough week leading to the final push where 46 points separates the race for the dress! Old friend Bobbybrowns Other Kid; The Slippery Wizards and Skza"s Soldierz will be fighting it out this week. 
The Vegas odds arent in but with injuries ravishing the qb-less Slippery Wizards they may be favorites to wear it!! Team Iggles wont be wearing a dress as you  remembered he QUIT the league so no matter who finishes in last at least you can feel proud that you didnt quit!!
TMX reminds you that's New Years Eve Extravaganza is sold out again but they will have chances to win tickets on the site Friday. for everything.

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