Monday, June 14, 2010

Wheres Summer?

It sure as hell doesn't feel like summertime out there. Could it get to 72 and just stay there? These clouds and this rain sucks donkey ass.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. If I buy a Golden Tee machine it can not placed in my living room.
2. Hyundai makes a car called the Entourage. Do you get your entourage to ride in your Entourage?
3. Smiddy big into Sushi.
4. Looks like someone had a little bit of fun at the game:

5. Lukey is becoming a little too complacent with his bartending.
6. Grape vodka and red bull is the SHIT!!
7. Journeyman pipe fitters make 48 bucks an hour.
8. If you want to make money part time chat up Joseph Martell.
9. People love the World cup. It sucks watching 95 minutes of play and only seeing 1 scoring CHANCE let alone a goal.
10. Fans are jumping aboard the Boston Militia band wagon. 8-0 in the regular season and steam rolling through the playoffs.
11. Pride weekend is a huge deal for Boston.
12. No one likes stories that start off with - "my wife this" "My wife that" - great we get it you are married she runs your life, deal with it.
13. Celtics female fans are the ugliest of all the 4 major sports teams. UGLY!
14. Wedding in NC at the end of June? I am wearing sneakers. SUCK IT!