Thursday, June 10, 2010

Couple wins $54,000

Couple wins $54,000 lawsuit after neighbours' email calls them 'swingers'

An Illinois judge this week awarded $54,000 US to an Aurora couple who sued after e-mails accusing them of being "swingers" and attending "nude hot tub parties" were sent to dozens of their neighbours and the staff of their children's elementary school.

Donald and Tia Howard filed a defamation lawsuit last year accusing fellow Amber Fields subdivision resident Amy Day of sending the unsigned e-mails to nearly 200 people. Their lawsuit also named Michigan resident Bonnie Ream, Day's sister, whose e-mail account was allegedly used to send the e-mails in October.

After neither woman contested the charges, Judge Michael Powers on Tuesday granted a default judgment to the Howards, but declined to award punitive damages.

In court documents, Tia Howard says the allegations were false and "humiliated me and my husband."

After the e-mails were sent, friends of their two children cancelled play dates and turned down party invitations, she said.

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I wish someone would do this to me. I have been called a whole hell of a lot worse than a swinger. Just last week two different people called me a fucking asshole, told me to mind my own business and then to choke on a dick! I thought the last part was the most clever - choke on a dick, hee hee. Plus they only sent this the email to 200 people? No big fucking deal. As far as the parents cancelling play dates and party invitation. Shame on you - buncha bigots. Swingers are people too.

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