Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 dollars and sense

Taco Bell Tries To Bring Back $2 Bill For Publicity Stunt

Taco Bell says there hasn't been a new $2 bill printed by the U.S. Treasury since 2006, but if the fast food chain gets their way, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing will be pumping out the notes soon enough -- and all in the name of promoting the Bell's discount eats.

In an effort to push their $2 Meal Deal, Taco Bell has not only taken out a full-page ad in USA Today begging for the return of the $2 bill; they've also started a petition to get more of the bills into circulation.

Taco Bell tries to hype up the $2 bill by calling it "Cooler than a $5. Twice as powerful as a $1."

Forgetting TB's PR stunt (which doesn't seem to factor in tax on the Meal Deal), do you think there's any reason for more $2 bills to be in circulation?

Durrr everyone knows if you want $2 bills head down to Zachary's for a few lap dances, draft beers and Keno. Any strip club that has Keno is alright by me. Win a 4 outta 4 and you get more cash for draft beers and lap dances.

BTW - I love Taco bell but after I eat it I always feel like I ate a salt stick

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