Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back and at it again

The trip to North Carolina was a success. It was hot. I got hammered. I puked. Yeah all over my brand new sneakers from what I can remember.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Philly is fucking New Jersey.
2. Take a stroll down:

3. I do not understand southern cat calls.
4. If you get to Greensboro try to catch a Grasshoppers game. Minor league baseball rules. Only $9.00 a seat.

5. If you dont get the Lazy boy seat upgrade then you are a sucker.

6. Thirsty Thursdays is a way of life in NC. Dollar drafts at the Grasshoppers game:

7. Biscuitville is the shit. Fresh buscuits every 20 minutes.
8. NC is not big on breakfast.
9. You can get all your shopping done at J.R.'s - cigars, wranglers, cowboy boots, snacks and house hold items. Its like a super building 19.

10. Smiddy is the king of Northern Hospitality.
11. When you get a free seat upgrade...its customary to pose like you are on a flume ride, but only when you are on the big screen.
12. I am not cut out for 90 plus heat and 90 plus humidity every day.
13. I love an open bar, even more when they serve you at the tables.
14. The gps on my phone murders my battery.
15. The Ford Edge is dope. I want one.

I am sure there is a shit ton that I forgot. A drunken mess in NC for 4 days will do that. Still trying to find a text of the week.

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