Monday, January 18, 2010

Sucky day

What a miserable way to start the week - snow, rain, slush, sleet and ice.

Onto what I learned this weekend:

1. The crowd for Mariah Carey down the casino was a mixture of young and old but people were not happy that she showed up at 9:20 for an 8:00 show.
2. Sometimes Mikey Layden's apprentice must use Mikeys brain at work and not his own.
3. There are 450 hot dogs eaten every second in the US.
4. Chuckie is looking to give away his bull dog mix which happens to be "Knee high and muscular very happy and energenic".
5. Nick Cannon was DJ-ing at Shrine and the line was out the door and then some.
6. Chrissy wears fancy shoes.
7. Yesterdays is hosting a poker tournament Sunday at noon.
8. Mikey Layden says he would grow a mullet but he is afraid he would have "homosexual hair". (I have no idea what that consists of).
9. One of my friends stashes his empty beer bottles in 4 different boxes so his wife doesn't know how many he has drank in one sitting(Brilliant).
10. Scott Brown's supporters seem much more down to earth than Martha Coakley's.
11. Craps is fun as hell to play but you can't win money playing it unless you have a ton of money on the table.
12. The Fours in Quincy is a good place to watch a game as long as you are sitting at the bar because standing around there sucks.
13. No matter how much you explain that the Pasta from Hell is THAT hot people still want to try it:

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Julie said...

You're suppose to ride the line in Craps....then double it. Thats the only game I know how to play sort of......and no derek...get your mind out of the gutter.