Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TMX Week 8 review

We are half way through the season and you know what that means...The Annual TMX music edition. Since this is the 10th year of the league we thought we would take it back to the beginning, 2005.

We will list the teams in their current order:

1st. The Jaybirds - Chris Browns - Run it Run it - The table ya'll

2nd. The Dirty Moon Crickets - Jay Z and Linkin Park - Numb/Encore - after this weeks 210 points

3rd. Creep Shots - Nelly ft Tim McGraw - Over and Over - The Stafford over Cam lovefest

4th. Black Dynamite - Game ft 50 Cent - Hate it or Love it - Him or his team

5th. The Beach Bums - The All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret - His weaseling ways

6th. Charlies Angels - Pussy Cat Dolls - Don't Cha - wish your kicker was hot like me?

7th. Skzas Squad - Shakira - Don't Bother - as in I don't with my team

8th. The Supah P's - Ciara ft Missy Elliot - 1,2 Step - Russel Wilson got him stepping everywhere

9th. The Equalizers  -The Killers- Mr Brightside - Every trade he offers has a bright side for just him

10th. The Slippery Wizards - Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Currently from 1st to worst

Good luck with the rest of the season.