Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Back in the saddle again

Turkey day is coming and god knows that is my favorite ho-ho-holiday. Food, family and football!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I guess I don't use my heat that much. It is a thing and people talk about it.
2. Asking Hong Kong Dave to make plans is like scheduling a root canal.
3. Never put chips and dip in front of Jeffrey...gone in 60 seconds.
4. Trying to gauge interest in the street hockey game, Bueller - Bueller - Bueller? What about a flag football game? If not can we still get together for Kowloon?
5. I think I am going to retire from word with friends.
6. I heard the buffalo chicken fries are good.
7. I am nit usually one to bitch about daylight savings and shit but man I am still all fucked up.
8. It seems like every weekend there is yard work to do. I dont ever want to rake another leave.
9.  Everyone in my neighborhood seems to be selling their house. Real estate market is hot.
10. You didn't hear this from me but Jeffrey and his wife may be looking to move out of Hull.
11. We all have friends that we go months/years without talking to but when you see them or talk to them its like you didn't miss a beat.
12. The Chiefdude is now #teamiphone.
13. The suicide pool is over - now pay up suckers.
14. When your coworker brings in his kids cold and passes it around your office, thats effing great, right?
15. How come Paddy never wants to go on any road trips?
16. The NFL wants parity in the league, and with the exception of a handful of teams, they have that this year. Why does everyone seem to be bitching about that?
17. Congrats to TK's niece for hitting the 50/50 at the B's game! Winner winner season tickets just got paid for.
18. Always a good time when you go out for dinner but your booze tab far outweighs the food portion.
19. Who is seeing this Peanuts movie?
20. Tomorrow is Veterans Day - please thank a Veteran anytime you see one.

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