Monday, November 4, 2013

Hope you know where your long johns are

The cold came in fast. Nothing like it being 77 on Saturday and 32 today. I had to break out my winter jacket.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I guess 2 kids can split a bag of regular M&Ms but not a bag of peanut M&M's.
2. Congrats to Mario and Ashley on their engagement. Now the fun begins, picking a date, a venue, the wedding party, the amount of people who can go...lots of luck.
3. Baby Macphail should be here in under a month. Anyone want to bet if its a boy or a girl? I am taking girl.
4. Man you trim your beard and some people act like you murdered their 1st born.
5. The roller coaster that is fantasy football continues - and Chrissy is throwing a hissy fit. After trading for Manning and changing his name to 2013 Champs he is currently in 5th and falling. I just sayu it was week 9 bye week hell.
6. Eggplant doesn't have much of a taste/flavor.
7. I didn't make the parade. My scheduled meeting with the shower glass door guy ran over.
8. I love that Jake Peavy bought his duck boat that he was riding on during the parade.
9. I think if you were lucky enough to be at McGreeveys or Daisy after the parade and got to drink with a shirtless Mike Napoli then my hats off to you.
10. I only had 10 trick or treaters this year.
11. Not only did I get to be godfather again yesterday but changed the game up and the ceremony going forward.
12. Every time you go to the car dealership they want to go above and beyond what you need, bro I just need an oil change.
13. Why can't we just get rid of daylight savings? Just split the difference? When we spring forward just spring 1/2 hour ahead. It seems like a nice solution.
14. Rio is looking for a house again. Keep ya head on a swivel.
15. The food at the Junction is always 50% off and its damn tasty.
16. There was a Smiddy and Kohansky sighting this weekend.
17. Waiting to hear back to see if the rink is available December 7th or 14 for street hockey.
18. I would rather mud and tape and fix holes in dry wall than paint.

Till next week people. Stay classy.

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The guy from RI who still cannot believe that rat bastard cost him his dream job as a Billy Rogers wanna-be. said...

#3 Hermaphrodite or a Newton.