Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey day

I hope that everyone is gearing up for Turkey day. You know it is my favorite ho-ho-holiday. There are 3 NFL football games on that day. I am sorry that I didn't post things I learned yesterday. I was just a little bit busy with my whole day - working, walking the dog, food shopping, and cooking dinner.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I guess some people do try to sleep their way to the top.
2. Man I miss the dog track on Thanksgiving morning.
3. I may or may not put the Ass in Classy(here are some photos of the wedding):

4. Mikey T is undefeated in NBA games this year. He is like the new Jimmy the Greek.
5. I am all up for tipping heavy to get a good pour of booze but when drinks are $8.50/$9.00 it makes it a bit hard there Julio.
6. I can't believe I forgot to get Doe's peanut brittle.
7. You can't always get what you want.
8. How Does Stop and Shop have 2 cashiers on a Saturday Morning, the weekend before Thanksgiving?
9. Jeffrey keeps getting pink eye like a mother fucker. Keep ya hands clean brosef!
10. I never have a bad time visiting the dart team on Tuesday nights.
11. Make sure you stock up on your booze before Thursday because nothing is worse than being stuck with in-laws and running out of booze.
12. The Quad box is a thing of the past, lets go with a 6-pack:

13. I do not care if it is at a wedding or not. I only have one speed at a Buffet - go big or go home:

14. Do people not tell their children No anymore? My nephew throws the biggest tantrum ever when he is told no.
15. Chrissy is having a card game if anyone is interested, Next weekend. Kegs & Legs with some action!
16. Did anyone else catch the Eddie Murphy special on Spike TV? It was pretty damn funny.
17. Keep your head on a swivel, when watching the youngings, because you never know when they may touch a hot wood burning stove on your watch. NOT MINE!
18. How much of a scum bag do you have to be to beat someone for $20.00??
19. I have not kenneled my dog in 2 weeks and so far  there have been no accidents, so that is a plus.
20. I am really digging this 50 degree weather.

Thats all for now. Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

the kid with two girls looks scared of girls? Gay much?

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