Monday, November 5, 2012

Election day

I am not here to talk politics or anything like that. I am just reminding you that no matter what you believe in or who you vote for, it is your right to vote. If you do not vote then you should not be bitching about what is going on.  That's all I have to say about that.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy just added this to his collection(JEALOUS MUCH):
2. It is believed that Mikey Layden may be on a BCS panel. Kid loves his college ball.
3. I guess you celebrate losing by tossing up 4's at the crowd.
4. Cheeseburger soup does not sound appealing at all.
5. Working 3-8 on a Saturday kind of messes up your whole day.
6. Little kids are so funny. They just don't have any cares.
7. Supah P tossing out $100 bills for Shaun Larry to get lap dances. Classy!!
8. I watch lots of dumb movies but Ghost Rider 2 could be the worst movie ever made.
9. Is there anything more annoying then when something doesnt record correctly on your DVR(Unless you still use a VCR).
10. Is it just a Dorchester thing to call Irish guys turkeys?
11. Chrissy and I are going on a man date, No HOMO!
12. Dogs do not like to be stared at. 
13. How long would a guys hair have to be to get corn rows? Just asking for a friend.
14. Everyone has that friend that you dont see or talk too but when you get together its like no time has passed.
15. I can not stress how much I HATE THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!
16. No Tank tops for these muffin tops.

Till next week ya mofuckers!

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