Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was severely slacking. It also helps that Chrissy is on vacation, so he wasn't bitching at me to post. He must be preoccupied with house work, building a sex room and trying to make baby #2.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. We raised $1666 for Dana Farber through T shirt sales and donations. If Chrissy collects the rest of his money from the bet it should be another $250 bucks that I could send in this year or just wait till next years and add it to the total. The 6th Annual Mustache Pub Crawl is Saturday, May 18th, 2013.
2. Rounds of shots should never approach $60 unless you are getting at least 10 of them!
3. Apple is the worlds most valuable brand followed by IBM, Google, Mcdonalds and then Microsoft.
4. Stingers are not friends with Chris Ford:
5. How fast can the Celtics put Brandon Bass' #30 jersey up for sale on their website?
6. You can stop mosquito bites from itching by running them under hot water.
7. There are 300 registered Superheroes living in the United States. Where the fuck and who the fuck are they?
8. Look who got engaged, Shaun Larry and his Lady Rachel. The Mustache Pub crawl bringing loved ones together since 2008:
9. Pretty sure there isn't much that this guy wouldn't do for money:

10. The dot on an I is called a a tittle.
11. Julie Nickerson wants to try and change the MPC to August, rather than just come home in May(for the past 5 years).
12. People found out how fun Grillo can be when hes hanging out.
13. My buddy Brendan now works at Mcfaddens.
14. Here are some pics from the crawl:

15. Jeffrey's Memorial day party is this Sunday starting at 1:30.
16. Redvines makes Grapevines and let me tell you, shit is dope!
17. Its very hard to get mustard out of a terrycloth shirt.
18. Anyone interested in 4 tickets to next Thursdays - Sox vs Tigers game in the bleachers? $112.
19. MikeyT has upgraded from an original classic ipod shuffle to a new ipod Nano. The kid is so tech savvy its ridiculous.
20. If you are going to skip out on a tab, you probably shouldn't be wearing a pub crawl shirt with your next stop on it. Just saying Wallace!
21. No matter how old you are people still cock block ya.
22. I erased all my text messages for the 1st time since the 1st of the year. It took over 2 hours.
23. Congrats to Mike "Prez" Foley on winning 1st place in his division in the Norfolk County Classic. Fucking shit up at darts on Tuesdays and Thursdays then killing it up at Presidents Golf course. What a week for the guy who looks like Roger Goodell. SPEECH!!

24. Jeffrey has a man crush on Jeb's brothers Wendell and Zach.

Don't forget darts tonight at the Southside Tavern. Look forward to some of you guys coming out for drinks and shots.

As always I am sure there are tons of things that I forgot.


Riccio said...

I am sorry I could not make it. I owe $50. to that fat fuck because he rocked a mustache for a whole year i heard.

d said...

true dat!

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