Friday, May 25, 2012

Darts Update Playoffs

The second night of round 2 of the playoffs brought us to Brockton, the City of Champions. I guess if you want to be the champion you have to beat the champion. We stated the night with a 9-3 lead and needed just 4 points to move on to round 3. We figured we would waltz right in there an win a quick 4 games and get out but things did not exactly go as planned. Despite playing very well, we lost the first 4 games. It was looking like panic time until Brighto & Shawn Larry got us on the board with a win in cricket. Mark & Jeb followed that up with another cricket win and it was on to singles. At this point we were up 11-7 with 6 games to go. Tim Bright won his match and Shawn Dillion continuing his run at the MVP won the next match to close it out.

After the game a few of us headed to The Cape Cod Cafe for a celebratory meal. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods, try the Chili Pizza, you will not be disappointed. Word of advice, don't ask the bartender where he is from unless you want to hear a string of bad jokes. Next week we will either be playing a team from Weymouth or a team from Abington and I'm sure Derek will keep you posted. I know I say it each post, but if you have the time, stop by for a few beers, a lot of laughs and support the team.


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