Saturday, May 19, 2012

Darts Update Round 1 part 2

In the second day of the round 1 playoffs we had our backs against the wall. We started the evening in a 6-6 tie in this race to 13 wins. We have sucked all year in 501 so it was going to be an uphill battle in the crickets and the early singles. We were also missing Mark and Jeff but the games must go on. 

501: Won  1 & Lost 2
Shawn & I jumped on early and built a good lead. We were fading in the end but hit the winning dart first to set the tone for the night. Match score 7-6

Brighto & Jared played well and it was close all game. Both teams got stuck on a tough out and the other team hit it first. 7-7

Jeb & Derek took too long to get in and could not mount a comeback and we fell to 7- 8 in the overall. 7-8

Cricket: Won  2 - Lost 1

Supa & Jared got off to a fast start and let them back into the game late. S&J really turned it up late in the game to take it down and tie it up at 8-8.

Tim & SL got out to a commanding lead early. The other team hit some screwy darts to make it a game but TB hit a double cork to stop the momentum and followed it up with the 3rd cork on the next throw to end it. 9-8

Me & Jeb played good for 3/4 of the match. We were right in it until the opponent hit 2 triples to take a lead. It proved to be too much to overcome. 9-9

301: Won 4 & Lost 2
TB took a lead in game 1 but let it get close. His opponent had a chance to steal it but Brighto took it out. In game 2 he jumped right on built a 180 point lead but struggled on the out. They both had shots to win and TB wanted it more. 10-9

Jeb spotted a 275 point lead and when he finally got in he really pounded it down. He made possibly the biggest comeback ever and he hit the out on his first throw to take it away. In game 2 he got on first and got out to a 50 point lead. He ran it down fast and wasted no time in hitting the winning dart for a huge win. 11-9

SL- I scored so I was unable to take notes but SL continued his run at the MVP and won it in 2 games. 12-9

Jared played a man on a mission who did not miss one dart. Jared had no chance in this one and took a tough loss but we were still in the match. 12-10

Supa Won the first, lost the second and lost the 3rd to make it 12-11.

I played the final match and it was Win and move on or lose and go into a 3 game extra playoff. I played the same guy on Tuesday and it was a great match. All three games were close and we both played well. End result was a Win, a Loss and a Win to seal the deal. 13-11

Final score 7  Wins & 5 losses which gave us a 13 to 11 victory in the match. If it came down to the tiebreaker we would have dominated.  

Next week it looks like we will be playing at the Southside Tavern in Quincy on Tuesday and in Brockton on Thursday. Please find some time to stop by as we could use the support! I know many of you will be trying to recover from the Mustache Pub Crawl and what better way to do it but by having a few midweek beers.


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