Monday, May 7, 2012

Less than 2 weeks away

The Mustache pub crawl is steadily approaching. We just have to get through this Mothers day weekend and then we head to blackout city. Who is coming with?

This is what I leaned while being stuck at work all weekend long:
1.The Yardhouse over by Fenway is a pretty nice place. MikeyT got the surf and turf burger - lobster and asparagus on top of a burger, right up Supah Ps alley.
2. I tweet out 1 picture a day of previous mustache pub crawls. If anyone wants me to tweet out a pic of them  and their stache...send em my way.
3. Spiders have blue blood. I hate spiders and I just like when they are dead.
4. The new breakfast burritos at Dunkin Donuts are straight up nasty.
5. The average human head has about 100,000 hairs. Mike Foley NOT SO MUCH!
6. I had a "Hot Blonde Ale" last Thursday night. It was a beer that had hot peppers infused into it. I thought it would of been dynamite with a steak.
7. Obviously everyone and their mother saw the Avengers last weekend, I was no exception. One of the best movies I have ever seen.
8. Wild turkeys roost in trees. This is just bizarre to me since turkeys don't fly.
9. A new study out says if you check your work email in your "off hours" you are more likely to have higher stress levels and are less focused. Iggles this means you.
10. The brain used more than 25% of the oxygen used by the human body.
11. I heard, if you work for Harpoon as a brewer you make $31,000 a year and when you quit they make you sign a non compete contract for a year. Uhm don't you make that much working at the Stop and shop deli...roughly $15 an hour?
12. How come no one gave me a heads up that they were doing all that work on the bridge down to the Cape?
13. Yes Chrissy, I know I am late with todays post but since Marios on vacation, its been a bit busy.
14. Has anyone read the book Winterdance? It was recommended to Katie and I. Its a true story about a guy who decided to do the Iditarod kind of on a whim?
15. I can't tell if people are more fed up with the way the Sox are playing or their inflated sellout streak number?

We have darts, the last week  of the season, tomorrow night at The Next Page Cafe in Weymouth. We need a strong showing. We are currently 1 point back of the playoffs. Its all or nothing. Come on down, show your support and get your drink on.

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