Monday, February 22, 2010

Like whoa

I am still sick and it blows.

I am just gonna get onto what I learned this weekend.

1. Not drinking for a week makes you feel good.
2. When you do drink, 5 beers and a shot in the 1st hour is bad.
3. Massachusetts wants to ban circumcisions.
4. People love the Filet O' Fish 2 for $3.33 deal.
5. Ed Hardy has just released a new line of douche sneakers.
6. Salmon ain't that bad.
7. Couples Retreat is a sucky movie.
8. The Smidawg is retired but the Smiduation is alive and kicking.
9. Louisa has now taken Kelly "Just the Tip's" Armstrongs mantel as a nana.
10. Pepperoni on a cheeseburger is kinda gross.
11. Ryan Miller is an animal.
12. A shot for every US goal was not the greatest idea.

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