Monday, February 1, 2010

Hockey game anyone?

From the Huffington post:

Sports fans have had some compelling Craigslist deals to choose from this week. On Thursday a man offered his left testicle for Super Bowl tickets, and now hockey fans can get in on the fun.

Porn star Katie Michaels has two tickets to tonight's Rangers-Coyotes game in Phoenix, and she needs someone to attend the game with her -- all it takes is $500.

At her (NSFW) web site, Michaels provides lurid details about her activities and preferences.

Scroll down for the text and screenshot of the listing:

Hi I am THE Katie Michaels as seen in Hustler's barely Legal 100 and other fine adult films. I recently attended a Cardinals playoff game with a happy football fan and now you have the chance to take me to see the Rangers Saturday night to play against our Phoenix Coyotes. Yes it stinks that Carcillo got traded but look at how good we are doing without Gretzky behind the bench! Anyways, if you would like to see the game with me I have two lower level seats (one for me one for you) and for $500 we will both go and have a great time. Check me out on and hit me up with your phone number by replying to this posting so that I can make the necessary arrangements. First fan gets to have me and since there is only one of me don't wait.

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