Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Darts update Week 4

We started the week in 3rd place just 2 points out of first. Early in the night we were looking like we were going to rack up a huge amount of points and climb into 1st place. We played well in the 601's and the cricket matches and jumped out to a 4-1 lead. Unfortunately as last week proved, the tide can turn quickly in the singles matches. In week 3 we went from a 5-1 deficit to a 6-5 victory and tonight we did the opposite and found a way to squander a 4-1 lead to lose 6-5.
After throwing away a bunch of close singles games MW stepped up to stop the bleeding in the second to last match to tie it up at 5-5. I failed to win the final match which would have sealed the victory for us and we ended the night down 6-5. We should still be in good position to secure a playoff spot, but we must work hard to come in 1st place to secure a bye.

Anyway, here are a few of the memorable statements made during the night. Again, keep in mind that I only hear a small percentage of the BS that is said during the match! While some of these statements may seem funny in this forum you gotta witness them live to get the true context and comedic value.

  • I wore my lucky underwear today.
  • No one over 40 has silk boxers.
  • Who smuggles drugs (coke stuffed up their ass) into Jamaica and then offers it up to their friends?
  • The best 3 darts Foley threw all night were 2 on the floor and 1 off my shin.
  • I can't believe Jeff beat us all to the 'White men cant jump' lines when DW was stretching before his dart match.
  • We may all hate Gary but apparently someone loves him because he is getting married.
  • I could build my own dining room table and I'll build one for you for less than $400.
  • I don't shit drunk! I'm working too hard in there to do it with a buzz on.

Next week we are at home against the Centre Bar. I hope to see you all there!


Just Curious said...

Few questions:
1. Are there ladies at these darts?
2. How do you score darts?
3. Why was DW stretching?
4. How fun is it to dart?

the anti-welch said...

this column brightens my day cuz i know welch hates it. keep up the good work prez!