Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday ramblings

A quick 6 pack of things that you learn on a random Tuesday night in Bridgewater:

1. It was Christian Daniel Macphail who took down the inferno burger Challenge and not Christopher Leaden. No way in fucking hell I get past the 1st bite.

2. Who the fuck lives in Halifax? That's a real place?
3. I'm calling bullshit on the bar skipping over Jermaine Duprees Welcome to Atlanta remix then shutting the juke box down with my $10.00 still inside. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!
4. Totally normal for a co-worker to tell you he would love to bang your sister in law, right? Or your friends sister - sight unseen?
5. Apparently, TK is too young to be Chrissys dad. Chrissy, on the other hand looks 34...while I appear to be 45ish. What kind of bizarro shit goes on down here?
6. Iggles is alive and looking well. Think he's getting his fitness on.