Monday, April 25, 2016

one of these guys isnt a cheater........

This week sucked the world is now Prince-less, Mario almost died and Brady got suspended.

but lets really look at this, was the investigation a sham? check
Is Goddell probably way out of control? check
Was this probably some type of payback? check


Please everyone stop, no this isn't some huge injustice? no its not a national tragedy like the passing of our beloved Prince, its just the NFLPA trying to cover their asses after making a moronic decision they knew soon enough would backfire and guess what it did. Oh and shockingly he went after the best player in the league. Guess what your granted discipline superpowers are you going to wastet it on some nobody like Ray Rice? No your going to light up the best guy in the room.

Everyone just stop. The NFLPA gave Goddell this power, yet they escape blame in all this.

Id also like to point you morons didn't even blink at Kraft conceding to give up a 1st round pick. Doesn't matter Brady was 199. And closer its gotten to the draft everyone decided to start complaining. Instead of focusing on Goddell incesistently how bout some blame goes to the NFLPA and Kraft.

PS RIP Prince One Love

PPS HaHaHa Deegan the Eagles are a disaster and no Chip to blame