Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tax day

Today is tax day! Because of holidays in DC last Friday and then here yesterday everyone got a few extra days to file.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Burger Dive in Somerville BURGER BLOWS! Never waste your money there.
2. Marathon Monday Sox game was a success.
3. Putting water in your hand and running it through your hair, after you take a piss, is not washing your hands. Filthy animals.
4. The MacPhails are getting new grass and walk ways. Their house is gonna look like a new place!.
5. The Chipman family pigroast is June 25th. Can not wait.
6. Who doesn't like a good flea market?
7. Seems like more people go to Sox games to socialize more than actually watch the game.
8. Joe Martell had duck sauce for the first time in his life on Saturday night. Bro do you live under a rock?
9. If you are looking for some American Idol type Karaoke head over to Cathay Center some Friday or Saturday night.
10. Jeffrey had his first Brueggers bagel and he fell in love.
11. I hope everyone is getting their baby sitters lined up for the Mustache pub crawl.
12. One week I get a wind burn the next week a sun burn. Can't win for trying.
13. Popeyes chicken or KFC? Where do you stand?
14. I am looking for an asphalt guy. I need my driveway done. Do you know anyone?

Thanks gotta run.