Friday, August 28, 2015

TMX draft review

Football is just about back and the ADSL draft has come to an end so here's is TMX with all the glass shattering details!! The regular board guy Mario Longdashian ( see this kids wedding? hence the name change) was unavailable so we  had two chicks that were never got introduced to and my man Tito, which some wish they were never introduced to!!! The draft was surprisingly quick this year so much so that a few unnamed extended the draft to the casino and buffalo wild wings! We are playing for this belt, The winner of the season gets their name on the belt and keeps it for a year.

Lets just get right to the teams! After TMX wrote their review of each team we googled the teams and these are the pictures that come up...enjoy!

Beachbums as anyone who's followed TMX and adsl knows the Beachbums draft with the full intention of trading and piecing together a championship. Here's their team ( kickers not included) QB Brees, Kap: RB's Hill, Charles, Jennings, Foster, Martin; WR's Green, A. Johnson, Latimer, Floyd, Landry; TE's J.Thomas, Ertz. D Pats, Dolphins. A solid  team that is looking for a big comeback year from Brees and may have hit a lottery ticket with Foster possibly coming back in week 5. Ertz if healthy will finishing with big number in Chip Kelly's offense and Martin is looking like come back player of the year. As soon as BB flips a rb for a top flight wr he will be in the hunt.

Black Dynomite's team is as follows- QB Rodgers, E. Manning RBs- J. Bell, Morris, Blue, Sproles, L. Bell,; WRs- Cobb, Hopkins, Wallace, Harvin, Macklin; TE's Witten, Gates; D Panthers, Bengals. Well, looks like another wagon for Black Dynomite!! Depth could be an issue and the old men holding down the tightend spot but with Rodgers and Leveon Bell they have arguably the top two at those positions plus Cobb gaining recp with Jordy down and it will be a long season for the BD haters.

Charlie's Angels formerly known as..........well its too long to type, its that guy!! Let's give his team a look. Qb's Brady, Newton; RB's Ingram, Cj Anderson, Gray, Williams, J. Stew; WR's Sanders, Thomas, Quick, Adams, M. Bryant; TE's Allen, M. Williams. D- Cards and Niners. Charlie's had a good draft not sure what the strategy was getting all the broncos but failing to secure the qb for double points but hey last time I check TMX hasn't won a league. The tight end position could use an upgrade but Adams gets a huge bump with jordy out. Charlie's should be ready to roll from the jump and then pick up a fired up Brady.

Creepshots ( no relation to Jerkshots) team is QB's Stafford, Tannehill RB's Forsett, Millar, Vereen, Yeldon, Randle; WR's Megatron, K. Allen, Garcon, Perriman, J. Brown; TE's Gronk, Seferian; D- Rams, Browns. A team lead by biggest name in football Gronk and Megatron but will be carried by guys projected to have career years like Forsett, Millar, J.Brown, K. Allen. Good draft will need help in the depth dept but this team is going to be up there especially if Stafford and Mega do their thing.

DMC the TMX odds on favorite to win it all lets look at this juggernaut- QB's Big Ben , Romo; RB's Ap, Mason, Coleman, Gurley, McFadden; WR's Jeffrey, Cook, Odb, Fuchess, Wheaton; TE's Olson, Walker; D- BIlls, Vikes.  The team with the number one pick usually doesn't finish number one but some crafty drafting getting Big Ben and 3 top tier wr's in a ppr league to go along with angry AP makes this team the team to do it!! Olsen is right behind Gronk as top tight end and with Benjamin out he should be a ppr machine!! Getting a solid rb2 should be a priority but right now this team looks like a contender.

Equalizers team is QB- Luck, Palmer; RB's Spiller, Gordon, Sankey, Crowell, Stacy; WR's Tate, Dez, S.Smith, Bolden, Lafell; TE's Bennett, Clay D- Broncos, Giants. Equalizers came in hot with top qb luck but then took a bunch of chances at rb. The wr's are gonna rely heavy on Dez but he may choose to use the double tight end set. The team isn't terrible but there will have to be some upgrades if they plan on hoisting the belt

Jaybirds made the most noise at the draft ( inside draft joke) lets look at the team Qbs- Rivers, Bridgewater; Rb's L. Muray, D.Cobb, R. Mathews, Hyde, Ivory; Wr's A. Brown, J. Jones, Fitz, Marshall, Agholor; Te's  J. Graham, Rudolph; D- Raven Chargers. The Jaybirds have the two top wr's in Antonio and Julio and that should carry them with Graham in the rec and td depts. The rb situation is Murray as rb1 and a few that could hold down solid rb2/rb1. Rivers and Bridgewater should be throwing all season. TMX followers are waiting to see not if but when Jaybirds start traiding! This team is not built to go back in that hot little number he wore at the draft.

Skza's Squad- Came to the draft and stole picks from people. Tremedous strategy all around! Here's the team QBs-P.Manning, Flacco; RBs- McCoy, Forte, Bush, Langford, Blount; WR's- A. Cooper, Edelman, V.Jax, D.Jax, V.Cruz; TE's Kelce, Miller; D- Jets, Chiefs; Skza's banking on Peyton slinging. McCoy and Forte should kill it in the ppr format and Kelce is being favorably to Gronk. The wr position is going to have to stay healthy and counting on a bounce back year from VJax. The team has a lot of questions but that's how the skza's are every year filled with questions but always in the mix.

Supah P's- first team to get hit by injuries as number one wr Nelson went down. Lets get a look at the team- QB"s Wilson, Bradford; Rb's Lacy, Gio, Ellington, Helu, Freeman; WR's Nelson (out), Evans, White, Wright, Watkins, A. Robinson; TE's Cameron, Eifert; D- Seattle, Eagles. The tough break with Jordy out will obviously be painful but Supahs have a solid team with strength in ppr rbs and two potential breakout tight ends. The wr's will have to be strengthened but Watkins and Robinson could surprise. The Supahs starting off in a bit of a whole could lead to some moves.

Slippery Wizards came in with a belt but looking at the team may not be so lucky next year. QB's Ryan, Cutler; Rb's Lynch, Murray, Gore, Abdullah, Duke; WR's TY, Mathews, Decker, Randle, C Johnson; TE's Fleener, Hill D- Packers, Houston. Slippery Wizards aware its a ppr league? Drafted with his auto reverse headphones like its 1990 rb league this year. Obviously team is rb heavy even jumping on latest rb hype Adbullah? Not sure this approach will work will have to hit on Hill at tight end and C. Johnson at wr. Lot of question marks in the wr and tight end position.

Well there's the brief review and as always if you got any breaking fantasy news call TMX!! Good luck and lets hope for a healthy season TMX out. Thanks as always drunknothings for giving us the space.