Monday, August 24, 2015

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Yes I am back from vacation and no I didn't go anywhere.

This is what I learned this while away:
1. Tattoos on the ribs are not comfy.
2. Fantasy football draft days are always an adventure.
3. Good to see Jason Foley and he is slimmed down nicely.
4. I think I hate Buffalo Wild Wings.
5. Wedding rehearsals are my jam.
6. I have no clue about anything on the North shore, so to tell you I have never been to Beverly is an understatement.
7. Julie Nickerson is back and visiting her old haunts. You can catch her at the Sea Note from time to time.
8. I heard that this winter is going to be as bad as last year and they are already dubbing it Winter Dejavu.
9. Honestly do we need a new and updated Angry Birds 2? There is like 37 different iterations of that game.
10. Drinking along at a bar is not bad. Actually kind of theraputic.
11. Board chicks are nice but our board guy was 100% missed.
12. Chrissy is the king of deep fried turkey! Kid does about 7 a year.
13. CVG always looking for someone to go to the casino with.
14. Pretty sure I am gonna cancel my WWE account. Don't think I need it.
15. Man when was the last time you were stung by a bee? Shit still hurts!
16. When life gives you habeneros, jalapenos, thai chilis and hungarian chilis what do you do? Make a spicy relish!
17. Everyone gets caught up from time to time. You just gotta take a step back and breathe.
18. I need a new phone - M9, Galaxy S 6 edge or team Iphone? Any suggestions.

Sorry it is so short but I am trying to play catch up with work stuff.

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