Monday, July 27, 2015

Lets get this shit done

Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
You're cool
Fuck you!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way ( I know at least one of you read that and was like I am the cool one I know it).

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Gunnah just killing the fishing game right now:

2. Who knew Eric "Chief Dude" Kjersgard was a huge Ed Head, you know Ed Sheeran fan.
3. CVG loves and lives for Jeffreys Snap chats.
4. Chrissy still killing the Uber game. Kids back in the saddle.
5. Mario is on fire with his scratch ticket game - $600!
6. Guys, if you see Smiddy buy him a beer. The kid is going through a break up. He may be moving out to San Diego.
7. Who is in charge of planning Nickersons coming home party? The Red Parrot on Sunday?
8. I had no idea Kevin Romine's son plays for the Tigers, hell I didn't even know he plays in the MLB.
9. If you have nothing to do this week Jeffreys and Sarah are up at Lake Winnapasauke.
10. Man how can Hulk Hogan be a Real American using the N word like that? And has "Easy Hulk Hogan" ever been used faster when someone says anything slightly racial? Legit I think it took all of 5 minutes from his firing before I heard someone say it.
11. If anyone is around next Thursday, Chrissy is headed down to Hyannis to get his other daughters name tattoo'd on his other arm. Then he is going to Ember in Harwich Port for pizza and wings. If you are down let him know.
12. Do you think Mario is nervous? The wedding of the year is only 33 days away.
13. Calnan refuses to give Guy Fieri a single cent of his hard earn cash. So that place is out for the bachelor party.
14. Speaking of bachelor parties - Jeffrey was 80% in and now I am hearing he may be bailing.
15. Trying to get into the 40/40 club is hard - you know 40 hours of regular pay and 40 hours of overtime in the same week. I have 40/40 from Sunday to Saturday this week but its technically 2 separate work weeks so WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP.
16. Mike Foley thinks he lives in the Melrose Place of North Carolina. Kids always golfing, happy hour-ing or at the pool.
17. Big week for the Welches - closing on their house Friday!
18. When the fuck did 1st generation Broncos get so expensive?
19. What? Yeah I have been working so much that my tan is starting to fade!
20. Why yes either the water pump on my truck went or I blew a head gasket, either way it ain't cheap.

Lets see how I am doing on Sunday but right now it is looking like a beach day...

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ChiefBlogRuinner said...

Guy Fieri = Derek Whitley of Food