Monday, July 20, 2015

Better Late than never

Ok boys and girls, I am sorry that it is so late in the day but work is busy as fuck - 93 degrees and 72 % humidity will do that.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Heard the Foo Fighters show was awesome and one of the best shows ever.
2. Family drama is for the birds.
3. Eddie Regan got a clean bill of health and is currently cancer free.
4. Mario is huge into getting pedicures but don't insist on a manicure.
5. This golf course in Scotland is something nice!
6. I heard that Hi-Fi Pizza is no more.
7. Chrissy is having swimming lessons down in Pembroke.
8. Speaking of Chrissy he knows lots of stuff about french chemists...not really sure why but yeah its his thing.
9. Is there anything worse than ripping your favorite boxer shorts.
10. Jeffrey may be giving up his Wednesday golf league and just go out every week golfing. He is looking for some mofo's.
11. Is Donald Trump helping himself or hurting himself with his views?
12. Calnan has a fan in one Julie Nickerson, so there is that.
13. If you only buy a 12 pack of beers because you want to not get too drunk but they are 16 oz, is that ok?
14.  Seems like everyone is off the Red Sox again this week.
15. Some blue cheeses are just straight up nasty (don't even get me started with the dressings).
16. Of course I saw Ant Man the day it came out. Funny fucking movie man.

Ok I gotta jet!

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Iggles said...

did somebody say golf?