Monday, October 20, 2014

Whoa whoa whoa

How do we go from 80 degrees to 38? I mean can't we have a gradual decline?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Border Cafe is pretty fucking good.
2. Mario has a nice house over there in Saugus.
3. Calnan is learning that cats are not cheap to own.
4. Never call  back those non soliciting gambling numbers.
5. Iced green tea isn't bad.
6. Anything can happen in fantasy football.
7. Not everyone should own a dog or a pet for that matter.
8. Its amazing how a haircut and a shave can make you feel great.
9. There is  no denying that the people of the North shore are a bit out there.
10. Never a dull moment when your BAE is called a pussy by a bombed drunk lady at the bar.
11. When is the right time to turn on your heat?
12. Chrissy has a house full of sick children. But that just means loads of meds for them and shit tons of beers for him.
13. When is Buffalo Wild Wings opening up at the Plaza?
14. There has been a Smiddy sighting, well more like confirmation he is alive via the text but either way.
15. Don't bother texting Brady for a wellness check, she is not all that chatty. More like a plotter of deaths than chatter.
16. I feel that Andy Capp Hot fries may be underrated.
17. Welchie, I really do not know what is being said in that Microsoft tablet commercial.
18. If you are going to eat eggs, how do you not eat runny yolks?
19. Chrissy is putting a road trip to North Carolina together to visit, Flounder. Who is in?
20. Speaking of Flounder, he has become something of a part time travel agent. He can tell you the best times to get flights.
21. Has anyone heard from Jeffrey? Last I heard he was checking out vacation homes on Marthas Vineyard.
22. If you don't have a lucky number then I think you have something wrong with you...just saying.

Bonus Round - this is what I hate right now:
1. Being sick.
2. All things sports related.
3. Snide comments muttered under peoples breaths.
4. Driving to work when its pitch black out.
5. Wearing a belt.

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