Monday, October 13, 2014

Coumbus Day

Lookie lookie, Derek decided to show up for a holiday. Long Live Amerigo Vespucci!! We aren't named for Columbus people...get with it.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy is not a fan of Sunday weddings, when he has to work Monday.
2. People apparently are saying Fat Derek was way nicer than Skinny Derek. Uhm still me bro!
3. Calnan is really pushing this Tough Mudder, check in with him to get your assignment of how you should be training.
4. Jeffrey is known blower offer. Kid blows everyone off.
5. I am glad that the Bruins are back - your 2014-2015 Boston Bruins.

6. There is nothing worse than having no zip on the weekends.
7. Kowloon food is legit but man do they want you out of there as soon as you are done eating. No more drinks no more nothing.
8. If you need any projects at your house done MikeyT is becoming quite proficient in all things home remodel.
9. This place has great pizza, but terrible service.
10. Its not normal that my dog falls down the stairs while trying to walk up them - bum acl.
11. Why is it so difficult to find a comfortable belt?
12. I keep losing my wedding band because it is too loose.
13. Congrats to Suzy and Sean on their wedding.
14. Jeffreys Fan Duel addiction may or may not need an intervention - (888) 830-2271 

BONUS ROUND This is what I am hating right now:
1. Cheap people.
2. Candy Corns.
3. Fantasy football.
4. Warm beers.
5. Mother fuckers who don't text back.

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