Monday, October 27, 2014


Is everyone geared up for Halloween? Sorry to inform everyone but Mario and Ashley's 1st Annual Halloween Party won't be kicking off this year but maybe next.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There has been Tooma sighting!! Kids tearing it up in the Poconos.
2. Man little kid parties are something. Little bastards running everywhere.
3. Fogo De Chao is something. I fucked up that place.
4. I feel like chili is under rated.
5. Is there anything worse than an ingrown hair?
6. Matty Hayes got me doing the rowing machine. I am not gonna lie, I don't hate it.
7. Speaking of Hayes, the Booze Scouts are looking for another person to join the tough mudder team because he has dropped out. If interested please seek out Coach Calnan.
8. Nothing to see here, just Mitchell chipping her tooth while boozing. Move along people.
9. Chrissy is planning a get together tomorrow night of Barrets Haunted house and some dinner if anyone is interested.
10. Coming down with a cold may be the worst. It slowly beats ya down.
11. I am going to be on vacation next week so I cant promise a posting next Monday but I will do my best to post something.
12. Food Coma is a real thing. BELIEVETHAT!
13. There are more words that break the rule I before E except after C than there are actual I before E words.
14. I don't talk on the phone much but some days when I do, I feel like I get to talk to every moron imaginable.
15. Never, and I repeat never, fall asleep on your couch and wake up to Frozen being on. Scary ass shit. Cartoons with singing and more singing. You have no clue where the fuck you are.
16. If you were in a lip syncing contest, sing off what would your song be? I would ROCK THE FUCK OUT to the OUTFIELD YOUR LOVE

17. Fun Fact: The average person will walk past a murderer about 36 times in their lifetime. Its a fun fact because they didn't murder you.
18. Guys always try to be a gentleman. It really doesn't cost anything to be nice and use your manners.

Bonus Round - This is what I am hating right now:
1. My alarm clock.
2. People jumping on and off the Bruins bandwagon. You can't only like a team when they are kicking ass you have to go through some adversity.
3. Salty things.
4. It pains me to write this but cupcakes right now.
5. Dumb questions.